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Borgward BX5 brings compact SUV segment with its youthful design that provides high qualities such as versatility, spaciousness, comfort and off-road capability.

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Nowadays, Borgward’s glorious German makes a return that brings forth a new premium vehicles with Classis German Design DNA, exquisite craftsmanship and innovative.

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Our aim is to build a distribution system that reflects the quality of our products supports and we have developed comprehensive support across all area of operation.


A successor to the classic model rather than mere duplication, BX5 succeeds the classic design which features Inherited logo, integrated headlights and Eight-point grille. An elegant interpretation of the family’s new design language based on the Isabella Wing line design. A highly-esthetic design that featuring a perfect combination of German simplicity to deliver a superd esthetics and function. Smooth lines and fashionable dynamic elements make the car look wider and more attractive. Moreover BX5 has the widest car body among its peers, and is far bigger than Audi Q3, Mercedes-Benz GLA and BMWX1.

The Wing line design philosophy, which features a rational use of smooth lines to achieve the best aerodynamic effect and reduce the aerodynamic drag is applied throughout the car design. This design will be used in our future models. BX5 features a three-dimensional sharp-cut front, which makes the whole vehicle a strong sense of layering .BX5 adopts the design with the through-type front deflector which usually used by supercars thus, all these design gives a strong sporty look.

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