Borgward BX5



Inherited logo, Integrated headlights, Eight-point grille, Wing line design.

Dynamic and fashion elements
Widest-in-class: 1877mm, Fender flares, Fastback roofline, Waterfall grille, Sculpted hood, Stepped rear design

Exquisite interior
Wing line compartment, high quality interior materials, Three extraordinary interior color options available.

Wide-body design
Fender flares, 19 storage compartments, 1230L Large cargo space.

Smart key, Intelligent power liftgate, Dual-zone automatic A/C, Hi-Fi audio system, large panoramic sunroof, NVH development.


High performance engine provides plentiful power and at the same time giving consideration to economical oil consumption ; therefore guarantees user’s needs of car using and maintaining.

Premium chassis
Independent suspension, TRW EPS system, 4 MAX AWD system, high trafficability. AWD is a system’s working condition to ensure stable driving : four wheels’ real-time intelligent distribution of power and torque thus will make driving more easy when the vehicle passes through water, ice, snow, mud or oil stain roads.

Comprehensive security
High strength safe body structure, Comprehensive 6-airbag SRS system, Anti-intrusion brake pedal. ESC monitors the vehicle’s state via multiple sensors and adjusts the vehicle’s attitude by braking one or multiple wheels. The vehicle can be driven according to the driver’s intention and driving safety can be ensured.


Fully perceptive HMI
8-inch floating touchscreen, 4.2-inch TFT instrument cluster display, 3D multi-function steering wheel, Three ways to interact.

Eye- 8-inch floating touchscreen
The 8” central control panel has 1080*720 panel resolution and a clearer display effect, and users can see all sorts of information and functions. The user-friendly design improves usage convenience while showing individuality all the more.

Eye- 4.2-inch TFT instrument cluster display
The 4.2-inch TFT instrument cluster display can display traffic, entertainment and vehicle information which includes AWD torque dynamic display, audio player telephone, parking system failure warning and fatigue driving reminder etc. Provide comprehensive and accurate information for the driver.

Hand-Three ways to interact
Use the big screen, really achieves multi-point touch function involving clicking, dragging, pulling, zooming, etc. Quick response speed, accurate touch, and less miss-operation.

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